Success spoils Cranky

I had a successful trip to AT L0ft today.  After trying on what seemed like 100 things, mostly (apparently) for flat chested women who want to accentuate their breasts, I found a shirt that I liked that didn’t make me look like Dolly Parton:


Once I find something that fits well, I try to buy more than one.  So I decided to buy it in lavendar, purple and black.  The fitting room attendant was one of those women who’s trying very hard to make a commission.  She had told me her name 10 times and reminded me that she would go look for a size three times. After I tried on these capri pants, which fit me perfectly, I took her up on the offer.


At the time of my request, I had tried the pants in white and they fit very nicely. I asked if there were any other colors available, because I hadn’t seen my size in the only other color I had seen.  She went in the back and looked at the pants that they hadn’t yet put on the sales floor, and came up with my size in melon, pine green, khaki and black.  So I bought three pairs of the capris also–white, black and green. I was sad to leave the other 2 pairs behind, but thrilled to get away with three scoop neck sweaters, which were on sale and three pairs of capris, which were not.  It was very hot in the store and I felt proud that I had braved the sweltering heat and that I don’t need to shop for quite a while.

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3 Comments on “Success spoils Cranky”

  1. The Lass Says:

    Cute!!! S. laughs at me when I buy “back-ups’ of stuff I like (shirts, pants, shoes) but as you said, when you find something that fits well, why not get a few?!

  2. freshhell Says:

    I second that. It’s so hard to find ANYTHING that fits me (pants especially) that I do try to buy lots of the the same thing, the same style, when I find something. Sometimes, though, you don’t know how perfect a pair of shoes is until they’re well broken in and they aren’t being sold anymore. There was a pair of mules I wore down to nothing and I’ve never found them again. Had I known how much I’d love them, I’d have bought 20 pairs.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Now that’s success. I have that Dolly Parton thing going on too. I’m also a purchase multiple colors if you find something that works person. Maybe we are long lost sisters.

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