The life of Francesca Banana

I was thinking that Banana has lost a lot of weight, but maybe not:


She has become obsessed with my bathroom:


But once she makes a poo and has that lovely odor coming off her, my lap is the place to be:


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4 Comments on “The life of Francesca Banana”

  1. awittykitty Says:

    Guardcat does the same damn thing. Poop. Yay lets run and sit on witty! And yes, there is always some wincing involved. Love the third photo BTW. Was that after a poop?🙂

  2. crankygirl Says:

    yes, that was a post-poop party. I can still smell it all these hours later.

  3. harri3tspy Says:

    I like those yellow walls! And you’ve just reminded me that I need to scoop the litter box.

  4. The Lass Says:

    She does look a bit smaller – hope one poop party is all she needed today!

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