Must have sleep

In the past week, I have slept alone in my bed twice. The rest of the time Miss J, who has decided that she does not want to sleep in her bed, has joined me. She seems very restless, perhaps because of teething or maybe because she is learning to move and wants to do it every moment. I am becoming increasingly desperate because I can’t sustain this lack of sleep for much longer.

Friends and co-workers are urging me to try the Ferber method of progressive leaving the baby in the crib to cry (aka CIO). I may do that over the long weekend. I have a bunch of concerns ranging from “the baby won’t like me any more and won’t trust me ever again” to “I won’t leave her in the crib for more than a couple of hours if she isn’t sleeping because it’s wrong.” Sadly, I don’t feel like I have much of a choice. I need to be awake at work and I need to get a decent night of sleep (several hours in a row) at least a few times a week. Without that, I won’t be able to function. Last night was one of the most restless nights the baby has ever had…she is now at daycare sleeping and I am NOT sleeping.

Alternatively, I could buy a bed rail for my bed and let her take over the bed and I could sleep on a blow-up mattress. I took this past Monday off work so I could get some sleep and I suspect that’s the reason that I can still function.

She got her first pair of shoes on Saturday–my friend M shopped with me. I really like them and hope they will last awhile. My doctor suggested that I buy them, though J can’t stand yet. No, don’t know why except it’s more sanitary for daycare.

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