J did a great job at her haircut on Saturday. We arrived at 10AM and she settled into the fire truck chair to watch Elmo on the DVD player. You’ll notice in the picture, the stylist actually PARTED her hair, which I found funny, because it’s not something I will do. After about 15 minutes, another child settled into the other seat, a taxi cab, to watch Y0 Gabba. It was hard for my baby to keep her eyes off the other haircut, but she pulled through nicely with only a few swats at the evil comb. She received a balloon and a 1st haircut certificate and didn’t have the required meltdown until the balloon floated up to the ceiling of the store. As I told my mom, J’s tantrums have receded from a 6 on the Tantrum Scale to a 4. I find the 4s to be increasingly manageable. I retrieved the balloon, mollified J with a piece of bagel, and we were good to go.

My mom is visiting and is enjoying her J. J hasn’t been eating much with me at mealtimes, but has cooperated nicely for Nana, which is wonderful. We all went to the park yesterday and had a good time, though J knocked into several stationary objects. According to Nana, this is a quality they share. J is so interested in what’s happening behind her that she has a lot of mishaps with poles, fences and steps.

I can’t wait to watch “Downton Abbey” tonight. I recorded it last night, so we could watch “the Good Wife”…so we have a lovely evening in front of us. Ahhh.

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3 Comments on “Hair-y”

  1. neonorangeds Says:

    I love the haircut!!

    If only adult salons were so great🙂

  2. Jen Says:

    Awesome haircut!

  3. FreshHell Says:

    I love that expression on her face! I think that’s the expression on mine too – my “every day” expression. I love Downton Abbey! Hope you enjoyed the season opener.

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