I am taking a mental health day today. Already, I have cleaned out my fridge, done some dishes, thrown away some toys, and started a wash. I have an 11AM nap on my schedule and I cannot wait!

This morning, like many mornings, when I went to get J out of her crib, she gave a yelp of happiness and said, “ah-pousse-uh mama!” That means, “I’ve dropped my pacifier, can you help me find it?” Yes I can.

J says a lot of things. The funniest thus far happened last week on the subway. I was trying to quietly make my way towards the door because our stop was coming when J loudly chirped, “SCUSE ME, GUYS!” Everyone around us chuckled…I was very proud and a little embarrassed.

J is very interested in sentences lately. During the diaper change on Saturday she informed me, “I big kid!” J likes to be big except when it comes to walking up our front stairs. Then she says, “I carry you,” which means that I should carry her up the stairs.

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5 Comments on “Big”

  1. freshhell Says:

    Aw. I love that the bunny is diapered. Also – those mental health days are the BEST.

  2. neonorangeds Says:

    I can’t resist commenting on a cute picture of J and a rabbit🙂 She looks like she’s getting to be tall!!

  3. readersguide Says:

    I like the diaper, too. Good thing.

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