It’s really Spring

Yesterday, when I was talking about how much J likes berries, someone asked me whether we want to go berry picking with her and her family sometime in June.  Earlier today, a friend asked me to a picnic in the park the first weekend of May.  There is a huge food/music festival in the Pr0spect Park the third weekend in May and a friend gave me a ticket so J and I can attend with her.  In addition, a colleague’s graduation will take place on a Thursday night in May and I will have to attend.  I am amazed at how busy we might be in the upcoming weeks!

 That’s a good thing—J likes to be busy on the weekends.  When the weather is nice, I take her to the park around 9 on Sunday since the crowds don’t start to come until closer to 11.  It’s amazing how much progress she’s made in the past few months—it used to be that she could only climb up the stair that are wood, but now she can climb a couple of rungs of ladder-type stairs without falling. Her biggest challenge is to watch where she is going, but she is improving.

At one point, a boy about a year older than J purposely tried to keep her from getting past him.  She was climbing the stairs and there was no way I was going to let her potentially be pushed down the stairs, so I climbed up, said excuse me, and when I got no response, lifted her over the boy and got past him myself.  His mother apparently looked up and saw part of this and he got in BIG TROUBLE. It’s always funny when the little ones try a stunt like this, but don’t realize that an adult will be able to stop them.

J is a big fan of the sandbox and I am learning to like it also–it’s a welcome respite from worrying about her toppling over.  Sometimes she gets distracted by something outside the sandbox, especially balloons, or the ah-Balloon, as J says. Indefinite articles are hard at this age.

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