I detest the heat. And “the heat” is hotter with J because, like all two year olds, she dawdles everywhere. Even in the very hot hallways of my building. But we managed yesterday’s heat by spending a lot of time at the playground. The water was on and she seemed to enjoy it.

But poor baby J fell down a couple of steps yesterday and scraped up her face. My friend was right in front of her, but somehow couldn’t catch her. Note to self: don’t let people without experience with kids watch your kid while she’s on concrete steps.

The fall came late yesterday after not napping. J without a nap is a dangerous thing. But she did have a good morning.

J seems happy enough today. On the way to daycare today she petted a dog and watched him as he went up the block to a tree to relieve himself.

J: Doggie? Up there?
Me: Yes, the doggie is making pee pee outside. That’s what doggies do.
J: [looking incredulous] NOOOO!

It seemed to be a mind-blowing revelation (or possible preposterous lie) for J. It was hard not to laugh.

J has created a little bald spot for herself. When she’s tired, she likes to take her left hand and pull out hair. After trying other remedies, I’ve decided to get her a short summer haircut to combat this issue. I just hope it works.

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5 Comments on “hot”

  1. freshhell Says:

    Poor kid. And that dog thing is hilarious! I can still blow Red’s mind with similar tidbits about this Weird World. Hope the haircut helps with the hair pulling.

  2. harri3tspy Says:

    Poor J. I suppose she can’t really wear a monkey bandaid on her nose.

  3. neonorangeds Says:

    Thank goodness I’m reading this at home because J’s reaction to the dog made me literally laugh out loud!

    Hope she didn’t get too banged up from the fall… I’d probably be the bad friend and now I’ll know one more thing to watch out for when around kids🙂

  4. Lass Says:

    As a caretaker of boys, I can tell you that the best times ever are when we are in a park that doesn’t have a restroom. They get to pee on trees, and that is somehow so simultaneously freeing AND naughty that they usually have to pee again. And again. And possibly one more time.
    (PS: J.’s adorable-ness transcends the boo-boo.)

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