The haircut yesterday was a success; J wasn’t fidgety and she loved getting a balloon after the cut.  I was able to borrow a stroller from my co-worker A, who lives a block from J’s daycare.  I took J to the haircut in T’s stroller and she seemed to enjoy that.  The kiddie hair salon is also a toy store and she also fell in love with this doll, and we bought it because I’m a sucker and I LIKE THE DOLL. So shoot me.

Although I seem to be in the minority, I love J’s haircut.  I sound like my own mother here, but I like to see more of her face because little kids have such terrific facial expressions.

For me today was the perfect Saturday with J…we called Nana, went to the market and ate “stopiddies” [strawberries], came home and drew HHUUGGGE babies in crayon, read stories and took a nap.  This afternoon, Auntie L came and we all went to the playground, ate ice cream, watched Sesame Street and then J had her “big girl bath.”  L left and we did a puzzle and read stories until it was time for bed.  Given that I came home last night to a huge rotten, broken pipe in the middle of my floor that the plumber had just dragged out of the wall in my bathroom, today was pretty awesome.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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3 Comments on “Hair!”

  1. harri3tspy Says:

    I love the hair! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. freshhell Says:

    Cute haircut! I hope it helps to stop her pulling her hair out. Glad you bought her a doll.🙂

  3. Lass Says:

    The haircut is perfect! And I am pro-dolls with purple hair. What’s not to like?!

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