After much debate, I decided to use pharmaceutical assistance to combat my anxiety about raising a toddler. Magically (and surprisingly) it seems to be making our lives much easier. My patience seems to have increased substantially.

I love the stage that J is in right now. She likes to create scenarios for us and act them out:

J: We go market. Dis my bag. Dis mama bag.
Me: OK…bye everybody.
J: Bye evbody…we go market. Buy strawberries. Buy donut. Buy [to]Matoes.
Me: OK, bye.
J: Mama, take keys!
Me: Yes…OK, we’re back now.
J: Hi evbody, we’re back. Have strawberries and Matoes.

Last week during one of these stories, she wanted me to open the front door of our apartment, despite the fact that she was wearing only a diaper. I figured that it couldn’t hurt for her to go out into the hall so I opened the door…and we ran into my upstairs neighbor who said, “WHEREAREYOUGOINGWITHNOCLOTHESON!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Yesterday we went to the playground. I usually put J in the stroller when we leave so she doesn’t try to escape from me and because once we get out to the street she doesn’t like to hold my hand.

Me: Time to get in the stroller.
J: I walk.
Me: Ok, here’s the stroller.
J: Mama, I walk…please.

I was so stunned and let her walk until we got to the street when she happily climbed into the stroller and accepted a popsicle. PLEASE! I’m a sucker for please.

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6 Comments on “Marketing”

  1. FreshHell Says:

    So sweet. I love your stories about her.

  2. Lass Says:

    The “evbody” just kills me!

  3. readersguide Says:

    You know this, right? She’s gorgeous! Look at those cheeks!

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