Summer fun

J and I went to visit her future school a few days ago.  As the head of the school walked us downstairs, J piped up, “ISSS DIRTY,” and I responded, “NO IT’S NOT!”  I just don’t know how to keep my mouth shut.  It wasn’t dirty, but J has high standards, I guess. 

J met two of her future teachers and set about playing with the toy ice cream, trains, baby dolls, and the glorious water table! 

I enjoyed speaking with her future teacher and managed to touch on my main questions:  our non-traditional family structure and integrating that into the class [NP], potty training [they are experts and she’s very young], and her hair pulling [they have experience dealing with this issue].  When it was time to leave, I had to carry J out while she was yelling, “NO BYE-BYE!”  I was relieved that the visit went well.  I’m not sure how she’ll react to the no pacifiers at ALL rule, but I imagine that she’ll adapt. I’m happy that the teacher speaks English and Spanish in the classroom.

Meanwhile, J has acquired an imaginary brother and sister, who apparently live downstairs.  After discussing what they do together, I reminded J that if she had a real brother and sister I would have to give them a lot of attention and she wouldn’t get as much attention as she gets now.  She gave me an irate glare…because I am a fun-wrecker.

J has also developed a keen interest in her body.

[J…sitting in the tub with her fingers in her V@g1na]

Me:  Did you lose something?

J:  Thass my G1na.

Me:  Yes

J:  Mama have G1na.

Me:  Yes, I do have a V@g1na.

J:  Auntie Mash ha G1na.

Me:  Yes, she does.

J [touching herself]  Ma g1na in dere.

Me:  Right.

Happy July 4th week!

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3 Comments on “Summer fun”

  1. FreshHell Says:

    Hee! I can’t believe how much she’s grown. She’ll do fabulous at the new school and probably won’t miss her paci at all. Kids do really well in places with firm rules. They accept them much better there than at home. Dusty had the same reaction to preschool when she first visited. She kept an eye on us as we talked to the director but then wandered off and got involved in something and then didn’t want to leave!

    • crankygirl Says:

      That’s basically what I said to the teacher–if it’s enforced clearly for all the kids, she should be OK.

      In terms of size, they asked me when she’s going to turn 3 and I told them that it wouldn’t be until March! She’s a tall girl.

  2. Harriet M. Welsch Says:

    It seems like she’s about ready to lose the pacifier anyway. She forgets about it more and more. I’m glad she had such a good experience there!

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